Artist statement


My ideas mainly include social and ecological themes.  However, they are not the essence of the artwork. The focus on translating an idea into a visual artwork. I choose these themes from a personal concern and i use them as a starting point. These themes are motives for processing thoughts in a painting. Current issues from our society that we can not ignore are recorded.


I want to indirectly suggest these topics with plenty of room for personal interpretation. In addition to a visual exercise, the paintings become a reflection exercise for the viewer and myself. The viewer is invited to think about the image and the content, to dream away in the image or to see what it means.


By abstracting and striving for alienation, I push the works at a stage on the edge of recognizable versus just not recognizable. This gives the works a multi-interpretable meaning. The dialogue between the work and the viewer begins.

© 2019 by Greg Van Staey 

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